Designed and built by a proven team

Ngāi Tai Whenua

Ngāi Tai Whenua is a company set-up and owned by Ngai Tai ki Tāmaki. With ancestral roots in the region, it is committed to building for the long-term and securing the future of its members by delivering commercial outcomes.

Latham Construction

Since 1985 Latham Construction has been delivering superbly built homes for a range of organisations and private clients. The challenge, as always, is to balance the twin priorities of quality and cost-effectiveness. To ensure we get the balance right, we have built a core team with the proven ability to organise, plan and resource large projects. Complementing this team is a circle of consultants, sub-contractors and suppliers with excellent credentials in their fields of expertise.

Master Builders

Our Belmont Village Homes all come with a Master Builders 10 Year Guarantee.